Professional Services

BSAR are also available for duties beyond Search and Rescue, such as residential evacuation or extreme weather assistance. These services are available in support of public events and training. A number of areas are described below, please contact us if you have any special requirements.

Safety and First Aid

BSAR provide First Aid, Communications, Marshalling and other safety related cover for public events.

Extensive experience of event organisation, radio communications, and First Aid, puts BSAR in an ideal position to ensure that the various agencies involved work together as efficiently as possible.

Training event

Health and Safety Executive Recommendations

The HSE recommends that a single agency is tasked with arranging safety and First Aid cover for public events. Whilst that agency does not have to actually carry out all safety tasks it is important that there is a single body to coordinate all agencies involved.

Cross Country Event Example

An example: a “cross country” long distance walk event requires safety and First Aid cover. BSAR provide a safety control vehicle with radio links to mobile teams around the course. If an incident happens then BSAR Control will arrange for initial assistance from the nearest team. Basic initial First Aid can then be given, and extraction to an ambulance loading point if necessary.

BSAR can provide cover for small events requiring just two First Aiders up to events involving many thousands of visitors.

Do you have an event where you need additional support? Contact us.

Example Event Services

Traffic Marshalling

BSAR are increasingly being asked to provide staff to organise car parking and on-site traffic for events with between 200 and 2000 vehicles.We have considerable experience in planning of traffic flow from pay-lanes to exits, ensuring that queues on main roads are avoided and pedestrians are adequately separated from vehicles.

Our experience of radio communications and close teamwork means we can respond to changing situations such as unexpectedly high numbers or an on-site emergency, and we are used to co-operating with the emergency services should the need arise.

We can provide from two up to forty or more personnel. If you are interested in BSAR attending one of your events please contact us.

Youth Training

Many members have a high level of First Aid training, and BSAR try to pass on some of this knowledge to youth groups. We provide regular First Aid training for Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides.

We also provide First Aid training for Scout and Guide leaders. If you are interested in BSAR attending one of your events please contact us.