Buckinghamshire Search and Rescue is a member unit of the UK’s Lowland Rescue service.

Alongside Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, the RNLI and Volunteer Coastguard, we form the backbone of specialist help for the emergency services when anyone is in need of finding or rescuing.

Lowland Rescue teams specialise in finding missing people using foot and dog-teams, often over large areas of wilderness and without knowing where the casualty is to begin with.

Our volunteer team is trained in rapid searching techniques and navigation to cover this ground effectively, and first aid skills to help casualties when we do find them.

Buckinghamshire Search and Rescue is a registered charity, and receives no funding from government or the emergency services – we are 100% reliant on public donations and grants from industry. All of our members are volunteers, and none of them are paid for their time, fuel or expenses.

Group discussion


BSAR team at an event

Specialist Training

Active members can further there skill set by completing additional training. Recently, we purchased a supply of water rescue equipment, thanks to public donations. Some team members have now completed their Bank Search Technicians Course, and are also qualified as Flood Responders.
The picture above shows team members on the Flood Response course, practicing different types of swimming tactics in moving water at Harefield.

The training for these courses takes place on weekends, and allows the team to give a more beneficial response to flooding, as well as to aid searching in areas near to waterways.

Team Members Practicing their swimming skills for flood responders course

Away Weekends

Usually once a year BSAR organise a weekend away. Although not compulsory these are great opportunities for team building and socialising.